Acoustic Zen's Stand-Mounted Loudspeakers


Adagio Junior


The Adagio Junior stand-mounted loudspeaker is a rear ported two-way speaker system featuring the same 1.5 inch circular ribbon tweeter and dual 6.5 inch midrange/woofer drivers found on the the critically acclaimed Adagio tower speakers.

The Adagio Junior is extremely versatile due to its smaller size, but it still delivers the same full-range, low-distortion, accurate sound as the Adagio. For these reasons it is particularly well-suited for a stereo reference system, but it can also excel as surround-sound and center-channel speakers.

Optional Acoustic Zen Adagio Junior stands are also available.


Design 2-way, rear-ported system
Frequency Response 35 Hz to 25 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Crossover 3rd order (Linkwitz/Riley)
Tweeter 1 5/8" round ribbon
Midrange/Woofer 2 6.5" underhung voice coil drivers
Impedance 6 Ohms nominal
Efficiency 89 dB SPL @ 1 meter
Power Handling 50 - 200 wpc RMS
Dimensions 23" H x 9" W x 13" D
584mm H x 229mm W x 330mm D
Weight 38 lbs. (17.3 Kg) each